Keep Them Clean! Top Reasons to Clean Your Gutters Regularly

As the leading provider of rain gutters in Medford, Oregon, we know firsthand what happens when you don’t keep your gutters clean.  Gutters have a huge purpose, which is to protect your home.  It crucial to perform regular maintenance on them to ensure they can properly do their job.  In fact, you should have your gutters cleaned at least three times a year.  Your gutter system is designed to redirect the flow of rain water away from the roof of your home.  However, as a Medford, OR resident, you know how common it is for leaves, branches, and other debris to fall in your gutters, which can cause them to perform inefficiently.

In our many years installing rain gutters in Medford, Oregon, we’ve seen so many clogged gutters we’ve lost track.  When gutters get clogged and fail to perform their job of properly driving water away from the roof of your home, it can eventually cost thousands of dollars in repairs.  Let our gutter experts here at OrCal Seamless Rain Gutters show you a few problems that can arise when you don’t have your gutters cleaned regularly.

1. Water Staining

If leaves, branches, dirt, and grime clog your gutters, the water will have nowhere to go and will eventually leak over the edges of your gutters.  Instead of the water draining away through the downspout like it’s supposed to, it will run down the side of your home, leaving a trail of dirty watermarks.

2. Rotten Wood

When rainwater is unable to flow through the gutters and downspout, it will eventually accumulate on wooden parts of your home.  Every homeowner knows that rotting wood doesn’t go away but rather gets worse with time.  Substantial rot damage can end up causing structural damage to your home that can run in the thousands of dollars to repair.

3. Sagging Gutters

Water will undoubtedly accumulate in your gutters, making them very heavy, especially during the winter months when the water freezes.  The weight of your clogged gutters combined with the rotting wood means your gutters have a possibility of falling.  Over time, those sagging gutters could collapse on you, a family member, or a car.

4. Pests & Infestation

Moist places are a breeding haven for pests, termites, bacteria, mosquitos, and ants.  These insects will quickly find their way into your home, especially if the clogged gutters have caused damage to your home.  A tough to fight termite infestation could be the result of not properly maintaining your gutters.

5. Mold

If water doesn’t have the appropriate time to evaporate, mold and mildew will grow.  When mold grows, it will spread like wildfire.  In our experience, it’s very difficult to remove.  By simply having your gutters cleaned every season, you can prevent mold damage to your home.

As the leading provider of seamless rain gutters in Medford, Oregon, we want you and every homeowner reading this blog to maintain your gutters regularly.  We know it’s not an enjoyable task, and it’s certainly not something you look forward to doing on the weekends, but it needs to be done.  However, if you can’t do it yourself due to your age or the architectural style of your home, it’s best to leave a professional do the maintenance and cleaning for you so you aren’t putting yourself in harm’s way.

If you are looking for a reputable gutter company in Medford, OR, call us today and let us take over the burden of the job for you.  Call 530-410-4395 for a FREE quote today!