Discover the Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clean

In our many years of providing gutter installation in Yreka, CA, we’ve seen firsthand what happens when homeowners neglect to keep their gutters clean.  We know that not every homeowner thinks about the importance of keeping their gutters clean; however, it is quite important, especially here in Yreka, California, where we get a lot of heavy rain and snowfall.  Upon inspection, we can see how much gutters suffer due to neglect from homeowners.  There are many problems that can arise due to the lack of maintenance and cleaning of your gutter system, which can get expensive quickly.

Over our many years of providing gutter installation in Yreka, CA, we’ve seen a lot of damage to foundations.  Foundation leaks are one of the most common problems that arise when gutters are clogged with debris.  Water will overflow due to the clog and find its way down to the home’s foundation instead of properly being directed through the drainage system.

Eventually, due to the accumulation of water in the foundation, this water will crack the foundation of your home.  Here in Yreka, California, the temps drop and cause the water to freeze in winter, causing further damage to your foundation.  That’s right, the foundation of your home can be compromised simply by neglecting to clean your gutters.  When the foundation is compromised, your home can settle, move, or sink, and we don’t have to tell you the nightmare this will bring.

Another common problem we’ve seen many times while providing gutter installation in Yreka, CA, is rotted fascia.  When the gutter is clogged, unwanted water makes its way down to the fascia of your home, causing the wood to rot if it’s not treated quickly.

Clogged up gutters and the result of overflowing water pouring out in different directions can also lead to poor conditions for the landscape and plants around your home.  Excess water can completely erode the soil around your home, destroying everything in its path.  There is also a risk for bugs and infestations that are drawn to the moisture created by the undrained water found in your gutters.  We can tell you one thing: this makes for one very foul odor, not to mention risk for disease.

All of these problems that we’ve seen in our many years of providing gutter installation in Yreka, CA can be prevented with regular cleaning and maintenance of your gutter system.  When and how often you should clean your gutters depends on the area you live.  If you reside in an area where there are a lot of trees, then you might want to clean your gutters between 3 to 6 times per year.  But if you don’t live in an area near trees, follow the rule we tell our customers and clean it in spring or late fall.

In order to prevent your gutters from being clogged in the future, make sure that all the leaves are off your roof.  You can also invest in a gutter cover to protect your gutters from clogging.  Gutter covers are a great solution and will lessen the workload on you.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t have to care for your gutters because even pine needles can quickly accumulate and clog them up.

Here at OrCal Seamless Rain Gutters, we’re happy to educate our customers and answer any questions.  If you need gutter services in Yreka, CA, feel free to call 530-410-4395 for a FREE quote today!