4 Tips to Keep Gutters Clog-Free & Avoid Replacement Gutters

As the leading provider of gutter installation in Redding, CA, we get a lot of jobs for replacement gutters. And the number one culprit for needing replacements is clogs that destroy the original gutters.

Your gutters have one job, which is to redirect water away from your home. It’s simple, but all too often, gutters get clogged. And when that happens, the gutter system can’t properly redirect the water. If you want to ensure that your gutters last long and protect your home for years to come, you want to follow these helpful tips for clog prevention.

  1. Inspect & Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Clogs often start at the point where the gutter system meets the rooftop opening of the downspouts. All it takes is a small leaf or other debris to set the wheel in motion and clog the downspout. At that point, water will start to accumulate and overflow, destroying your home’s siding. And once it seeps its ways into the basement, it destroys your foundation as well.

Not so good, right? You can avoid all this damage by simply doing a monthly inspection of your gutters. Put it on your calendar and make sure you do it every month, especially if you live in an area where there’s a lot of wind or storms.

  1. Trim Trees & Hedges Away from the Roof

Leaves are one of the top culprits for clogged gutters, which is the reason you want to trim trees and hedges away from the roof of your home. Anything that is in close proximity to the roof needs to go. Heavy winds and storms will transform the loose growth into the gutters and clog them. If you don’t want to remove the trees from your backyard, all you need to do is prune them regularly to prevent this from happening. You shouldn’t have anything closer than eight feet.

  1. Remove Airborne Debris

Leaves are not the only culprit for clogged gutters. All sorts of debris can quickly accumulate in your gutters and clog them. Loose shingles and chimney material can find its way into the gutter system. Make sure you get your roof inspected and replace anything loose. Consider anything on your property that is not tied down and is light enough to be blown away to potentially clog your gutters. Keep your roof and yard clean to prevent anything from finding its way into your all-important gutters.

  1. Install Leaf Guards

If you live near many trees or in an area with heavy winds and storms, then gutter guards are the best option for you. Gutter guards are literally a cap that goes on top of the gutters to prevent debris from getting in. The only thing that will get in is water. It is the number one choice to keeping gutters clean and clog-free.

In our many years of providing replacement gutters in Redding, California, we always teach our clients how to properly care for and maintain their gutter systems to prevent having to replace them again. If you’re interested in gutter repairs or gutter repair in Redding, CA contact us today at 530-410-4395 and ask for a FREE estimate.